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I have been blessed to be able to watch about twenty children spend a season of their lives at Covenant Children’s Home (CCH). Thus far, the one who has touched me the most was a nine-year-old girl I will call Hope. Hope had been badly abused, and though she was nine years of age, she had never been allowed to go to school. Her Mother claimed that she was home schooling her, but never really took the time to teach her anything. When young Hope arrived at CCH, she would hide at every opportunity. She had learned that when adults saw her, bad things happened, so she hid.  Within a few days, she found out that at CCH she was both safe and loved.  She was subsequently enrolled in school and CCH found a tutor to enable her to catch up with her peers. 

We found Hope to be both exceptionally intelligent as well as thirsty for knowledge.  Amazingly, within a few months she found herself on grade level and able to complete third grade with others her age. I consider myself blessed to have been able to watch this transition.  A beautiful little girl, scared and always hiding blossoming into a girl who understands both God’s love and the love of the wonderful house parents at CCH.  A story with a happy ending! Where is young Hope today?  She has been reunited with her young brother in a loving Christian home. Hopefully Hope and her brother will one day soon be adopted by this wonderful family.   

Ken Habedank


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