Volunteer Needs

Have you ever wanted to change the world, to do something more with your life only to find yourself saying, “What can I do? I’m only one person?”

Maybe you can’t take on the world, but what if you could help make your corner of the world a little better?

When the life of a child is transformed, it effect’s everyone. That child can then go on to help change the lives of those around them. This ripple effect can exponentially change lives and it was all started with you joining others to make a difference.

So How can you help?

Covenant Children’s Home is always in need of those willing to serve and we have ample opportunities with a wide range of interests and abilities to choose from.

Light Maintenance: Yard work, as well as other areas of general home maintained are always needed.

Household Chores: Cooking and cleaning are endless chores. If you like to cook and would like to bring a meal by, I know the house Mothers would like that or maybe you could spare some time to come by and help with the never-ending cleaning.

Mentors: Develop a positive role model relationship with one of our children by acting as an Aunt, Uncle or Grandparent.

Tutors: Individuals who can help our children with homework or school projects.
Life Skills: Your hobby or area of interest could provide an opportunity to teach our children the skills

they need to be successful in everyday life.

Call Curt, at 352-489-1148 for more information.


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