Our Core Values...


Christ Centered

In all that we do, from the care of our children to the operation of our corporation, we will strive to follow the teachings and example of Christ.  However, we acknowledge that on our own we can never attain such a goal; but in all things recognize our need for a Savior, and rest in His perfection and intercession for us and the children in our care.

Family Oriented

It is the aim of Covenant Children’s Home to provide each child in our care with the stabilizing influences of a loving family.  To that end we strive to minimize the institutional effect of “group home” living in every practical way; and we will work to establish a family environment in every aspect of our ministry, from the appearance of the buildings to the management of the household.

Committed to Excellence

It is the goal of Covenant Children’s Home to provide a “God Honoring Ministry” that accepts the biblical imperative of good steward ship while striving to maintain a standard of excellence in child care, business acumen, and facility construction and management.